Sep 29 2010


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Sensi organizes artistic workshops for foreign groups, custom made and in the original language of the group. If you wish more details about Sensi, please download our pdf presentation in english: Sensi_EN

You can read the article about Sensi, Ateliers Arts & Sens from Annie’s point of view :

Cultivating the World of Senses, Anne Lipscomb

You can also see a video she has made on the topic called I discovered a New tango in Paris

Here’s an exemple of a workshop set up for a group coming from Seattle, USA :

Atelier  « Colors, flavors in painting and cooking in Paris »

expressing the impressions of Paris through paintingExpressing the impressions of Paris through painting

« Set up a canvas, choose tools and ingredients.

Work with textures, colors, light and flavors.

Feel the emotion of creating a painting and cooking together »

With our Special Guests :

Mariano Angelotti Artist and painter graduated from

the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts of Paris

& Alba Pezone Founder of the cooking school « Parole in Cucina »

preparing the meal together guided by Alba

Preparing the meal together guided by Alba


During the workshop Sensi you are an artist painter and a great cook in Paris.

You live a creative experience and awaken your senses.

Guided by the expert advice of Mariano, one team creates paintings, while

Alba leads the other team to the preparation of an exquisite home made recipe that you taste

and share together.

After the meal a singing show of Edith Piaff songs performed by Frédérique especialy

for the evening


Fréderique Leroy singing for the Clapp Family & Friends during the Atelier « Flavors and Colors in Paris » Song-Vous-et-nous

Clapp Family & Friends gathered painting their impressions of Paris
Clapp Family & Friends gathered painting their impressions of Paris

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